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Finding inspiration can be difficult sometimes so we've decided to spotlight some of our favourite creatives online with our latest column, Social Love. We're kicking things off with some of Melissa's favourite Instagram accounts, featuring a few favourites in photography, design, art, and clothing. 

Jimmy Marble (@jimmymarble)

Jimmy Marble is easily one of my favourite photographers. His photographs are clever and bright and I can't help but smile as I scroll through his profile. You can check out his Instagram and learn more about him on his website.

Image 12 c/o Jimmy Marble 

Kristin Texeira (@kristintexeira)

It's hard to not feel inspired by artist Kristin Texeira's retro-minimalist paintings and drawings. For those looking to add some colour to their feeds, this one is for you. Follow her on Instagram and learn more about here on her website

Image 1 +  c/o Kristin Texeira

The NYCTA Project (@the_NYCTA_Project)

A few months ago, I co-produced an art show in Toronto with my dearest friend Sarah based on an ongoing project of ours. In the summer of 2014, we unearthed an old military trunk packed to the brim with love letters, pamphlets, photographs, and other trinkets from nearly 70 years ago, all belonging to a Mr. Omar Majid. From reading the letters, we discovered a love story, wrought with heartbreak. Sarah spent months painstakingly transcribing the lot of letters and photographing each object. You can learn more about the project on the website and the accompanying exhibit right here.  

My interest of picking through the past meets my love of New York City with The NYCTA Project. This account documents the various bits and bobs (tickets, Metro cards, brochures, etc.) from the NYCTA's long history. Discover more treasures on their Instagram and website.

Image 1 + 2 c/o The NYCTA Project 

Creatures of Comfort (@creaturesofcomfort)

These garments are definitely out of my price range, but are a nice reminder that I don't have to wear head-to-toe black everyday. View their Instagram or website and cry with me. 

Image 1 + 2 c/o Creatures of Comfort

Are there any profiles you think we should be following? Let us know in the comments below!  



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