Walkhams Hill

  A few days ago, I came across these lovely homes in the historic town of Bonavista, Newfoundland. These charming buildings were lined up, three in a row. My excitment to jump out of the car to take photos, I am sure blew the locals away. The pictured houses need work, and are a few of the dozens that do. I try to imagine what they once were as I stand in awe at what they have become. The colours and textures are so inspiring. Update - 5 mins after posting this, I discovered the first two photos are of the oldest documented residential structure in Newfoundland. It was built by Alexander Strathie of Greenock, Scotland. There weren't any easily visible postings of this. I had no idea! And am very glad I stopped to get a good look.


Beautiful photos!

sioban nelson May 24, 2014

These are beautiful! Love the bright paint colours + there’s something beautiful in the decay…

Can’t wait to follow along with your adventures!

escapade May 24, 2014

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