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My new favourite coffee shop hosts monthly exhibitions from local artists and I was lucky enough to attend this month's opening. Stephen Zeifman is the artist currently exhibiting. Zeifman explains that the works in this exihibition could only have been created in Newfoundland. They represent a visual response to the landscape and the architecture surrounding him on the Bonavista Peninsula. Below are samples of some of the pieces he has on display: The minimal paintings beautifully capture Zeifman's experiences in Newfoundland with clean lines, showcasing the brightly coloured homes among the often grey backdrop. Zeifman hand-collected and accumulated the materials used in his organic constructions. While admiring the use of textures and tones, one's mind can easily drift trying to imagine where each piece once came from to form the final product. You can find more information on Stephen Zeifman above or see his current exhibition at the Two Whales Coffee Shop in Port Rexton, Newfoundland.

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Love the shapes!

Suite Henry May 24, 2014

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