I am currently sitting at the airport and my flight leaves in one hour. The last week has been a complete blur. An update: I have not fallen off the map and look forward to sharing my experience over the next few weeks while I am visiting Lima, Peru. I have been meaning to post this for a few days and am so excited to share. This is a nautical map of Cape Canso, Nova Scotia purchased in an antique store in Cape Breton. The map was printed in Ottawa in 1941 and even contains hand written notes from it's previous owners (I imagine colourful captains and sailors). I've had it professionally framed and can't wait to show it off. Not only did I buy this map because I thought it looked rad but because of the personal connection - my grandfather was born and raised in the town on Canso, NS. Stay posted for more updates!

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Oh it looks fantastic once framed.
Nice choice on the actual frame too – it fits the vibe perfectly.

Get home safe.

Suite Henry May 24, 2014

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