Artisan Market

One of my required visits while staying in Lima is to the artisan market in Miraflores. The colours, textures and friendly greetings from shop owners make it extremely difficult to leave empty handed. Most of the items are brought in from different provinces and communities across Peru, giving you a quick and easy dose of Peruvian culture. I thought I'd share some of my favourite stands within the market. First up is the "basket lady" (as she is known in my family) who weaves everything from mats to flowers and mobiles to waste baskets. Next up, a stand that makes serving and decorative items out of olive wood. These raw pieces are beautiful, natural and rich. And finally, the embroidered textiles below are fun, bright and add charm to any décor.

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Quite the colour saturation.
Very nice.

Suite Henry May 24, 2014

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