Holiday Cheer

At the risk of sounding like a grinch, I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas. It may be my almost decade (eeek!) history of working in retail and seeing the craze of the stressed out consumer but every year, I certainly try to get in the spirit. A few tricks get my festive wheel turning: I love the reactions when sending letters to friends far away, I enjoy the craft of wrapping gifts, and I can spend many hours browsing creative window displays. Here are some shots I took while shopping which I'm proud to say, I completed in one day: (Please excuse any reflections and the quality of some of the photos)  And I didn't even make it up to Holt Renfrew's much acclaimed window displays. Displays above can be found at : #1, #2, #3, #4,5,6 Below are images of two occasions where I felt the Christmas spirit this year: sending cards to my two favourite bearded men in Newfoundland and wrapping the gift of a Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Christmas album. Most importantly, I wish you all the happiest of holidays and hope you are surrounded by those who love you the most!

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