Whisky Wednesday

I've notice a bit of a trend in the interior design blog and magazine world - innovative ideas for setting up a home bar. Having only been in in this apartment for three months and struggling with storage space, I decided to transform a previously used cabinet of books and office supplies into a small bar stand here in my own living room. Using a basic serving tray, I was able to arrange and display our decanters, bar ware and utensils. The shelves inside act as perfect storage to hide all of our glasses. A few years ago during a bitterly cold winter, my roommate and I started a fairly regular tradition - we began celebrating 'Whisky Wednesday'. It gave us an excuse to stay at home, entertain ourselves with games and movies, and explore our palette for whisky. The display below is a better representation of our household: Thankfully, these two bottles of single malt scotch and smart whisky stones (they keep your drink cold without diluting it!) were given to us as gifts. And Cambie Design's best investment yet - these vintage smoked low ball glasses engraved with the letter 'C' (a set of six for $18!).

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