If you don't follow Cambie Design on Facebook or Twitter, you may not have seen our guest posts for the Toronto blog, Pink Mafia. Pink Mafia has a weekly column titled, Bloghunter, where they ask an individual to contribute once a week for one month. Cambie was up for the month of July and we discussed starting a business and being a young entrepreneur, seeking inspiration, special details in throwing a memorable baby shower, playful items to take along to a summer picnic and a DIY project on how to create a focal wall for your bedroom that doubles as a headboard. We tried to cover a variety of topics and have included a link for each post below. Hope you enjoy!

Bloghunter: Cambie Design I

Bloghunter: Cambie Design II

Bloghunter: Cambie Design III

Bloghunter: Cambie Design IV

Bloghunter: Cambie Design V

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