Peruvian Textiles

It has been just over week after returning from my holiday yet it somehow feels like it was ages ago. It is so funny how quickly we adapt into our everyday routine and get back into the swing of things. My time in Peru always goes by far too quickly, with this past trip proving to be the case once again. One change from any other trip I taken in Peru before, I had Cambie on my mind the entire time. I love visiting local markets during my travels and I couldn't get enough with the recent trip. Colourful flowers, fresh foods, craft and artisanal objects. Particularly, I had my eyes on textiles throughout the entire trip. And here's a wrap up of some of my favourites! All of these textiles were photographed in Cusco, The Sacred Valley and neighbouring communities. The colours, prints and textures just had me swooning! I would once again like to thank everyone for their continued support and am really excited to share that Cambie has some new ideas in production. I am so proud to share my second home with you all and will enjoy keeping you updated as we move forward. - Camille

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