Leslieville Flea

This Sunday June 16th, Cambie is crossing over to the east end of Toronto and selling our blankets and summer vintage goodies at the first ever Leslieville Flea! We're pretty excited about this and are alongside great vendors and good friends. We're looking forward to exploring Leslieville and meeting new people in a neighbourhood we don't get to often enough. There's lots of buzz going around, check out Toronto Life, BlogTO and the upcoming issue of The Grid tomorrow. Can't wait to meet all of the new faces!! Hope to see you there!

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That looks so cool! It’s whimsical for sure, but detlnifeiy a little creepy. That just makes it even better. There’s a similar house on my block that has a yard totally covered in all this crazy stuff, but it’s more like lawn ornaments and halloween decorations (year round) than stuffed animals and dolls.

Saskia April 08, 2015

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