Parkdale Night Crawl

This past weekend was the Queen West Art Crawl in downtown Toronto and Cambie exhibited in the Parkdale Night Crawl. We were asked to create an interactive display and with the popularity of our Peruvian alpaca wool blankets, decided to explore the traditions of textile weaving and set up a table loom for visitors to try. We were inspired by the history of textiles, the collaborative process of bringing together a community and the art of storytelling. As The Textile Museum of Canada wisely depicts their permanent collection: 'The art of storytelling extends beyond the written word, encompassing a myriad of forms. Cultures have devised inventive and elaborate methods of recording and depicting their rich histories through the centuries. Textiles perform as instruments of communication, offering narrative that unfold in the making and materiality of each textile, and reflect the human impulse to capture real and imagined experiences.' This was our first experience setting up a loom and have grown a greater respect for weavers! We had a ton of fun learning about the process and more importantly, were enthralled by the enthusiasm of the crowd coming through the door. Everyone was very excited to give it a try and deepen their understanding of weaving. We now have a beautiful wall hanging, made with the contribution of over 100 sets of hands and a great story to share. Thank you Parkdale for being such an amazing neighbourhood to be a part of!


Blocks with the alphabet on them. Age appporriate dolls. Those stacking toys, and the ball with the different shapes where they have to put the shapes into the same shapped slot. Singing songs that are educational based (see homeschool chatrooms for ideas on that one) I like those beads that are moved on the swirly wiry toys but my dd didn’t care for them.

Claudio April 09, 2015

Great job on this one! I LOVE the shot with the grandbabies. I could delifiteny see that as a gorgeous gallery wrap canvas on my wall I mean, if they were my grandchildren and all ;)

Chottu April 06, 2015

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