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Photo via Instagram @designlovefest

We have decided to introduce a new series to our blog, showing you examples of how to bring home your Cambie piece! Today we are focusing on our Peruvian Textiles, also known as 'frazadas', which we suggest using as throw rugs, blankets or accent pieces as shown here on the end of a bed. We found this image on one of our favourite feeds on Instagram, of the Love Guest House at Corte Del Norte lodging in Marfa, Texas. We love this idea and have suggested some examples below of how to create this look at home!


PERENÉ RUG - 67" x 32" $175


JULIACA RUG - 53" x 30.5" $175

We recommend playing not only with colour, but also pattern when incorporating these bright textiles into your space! Our picks include the Perené rug for lovers of texture and pattern or the Juliaca rug for those who like to keep it simple, much like the setting above. We have sourced other items to complete this look and show you how to bring it home!

Max Wanger "Wave" Print - This crisp and tranquil shot creates the perfect relaxing environment to drift off to sleep in.

Duvet Cover - A simple white duvet cover is the ideal backdrop to beautifully display your vibrant textile.

Bentwood Pendant - This organic shape and natural finish casts off a dreamy light.

Ion Table Lamp - Minimal little beside table lamps for extra reading light.

Side Tables - A great option to customize the base, allowing you to choose which colour from your textile you would like to highlight.

Cowhide Rug - A final touch to creating this look, adding another texture to pull together the very natural vibe of this room.

Photo via Corte Del Norte

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