New at Cambie: Moroccan Textiles and Wares

This year has been one full of wonderful adventures and welcomed change for Cambie. One of the most magical experiences of the past 10 months was an impromptu—and much-needed—trip to Morocco. For those reading who have yet to, you can read all about our Moroccan adventure here on our blog. The rich textures and vibrant colours of the beautiful wares in the markets were too incredible to not bring back for our customers! In addition to pieces picked from traditional markets, we've also curated a selection of handwoven modern beauties, designed by Moroccan-based textile artist Nina Alami of Artisan Project.

Now, onto the good stuff!

Striped Towel - $65 

Designed and handmade on a handloom in the Fes region of Morocco by Artisan Project, these versatile textiles function as towels, blankets, and lightweight shawls. Made of cotton and brightly dyed cotton blends, each towel measures approximately 68" long by 36" wide and each throw measures roughly 68.5" long by 59" wide. We love the vibrant colours, simple striped patterns, and playful pom-poms and fringe!

Moroccan Pom-Pom Cushion - $75

Hand-picked by Cambie in the vibrant street markets of Morocco, each cushion cover is made of a mix of sheep's wool and colourfully dyed wool blends. Each cushion measures approximately 24" long by 24" wide and features a zipper closure and plush handmade pom-poms on each corner. 

Fringe Throw - $350

Designed and woven by hand on a handloom in Fes by Artisan Project, each of these playful throws features textured and colourful elements that are unique to each piece. The pieces in our current collection feature bright yarns of fuchsia and orange, rich black, and thin, metallic gold. Made of sheep's wool and colour cotton blends, each throw measures approximately 63" long by 59" wide. 

Moroccan Atlas Mountain Textile by Artisan ProjectHigh Atlas Textile - $750

This one of a kind textile was designed by and woven and embroidered on a rug loom for Artisan Project at a women's cooperative in the Middle Atlas Mountain in Morocco. Made of sheep's wool, cotton, and acrylic blends, this textile measures approximately 65" long by 49" wide. We love it as a show-stopping piece of wall art, but also think its versatility as a throw for a couch or bed and rug for a low traffic space makes it that much more special. 

Moroccan Ceramics HamsaMoroccan Hamsa Ceramics - $15-30

Hand-picked by Cambie in the vibrant street markets of Morocco, these handmade ceramics depict the Hamsa, a traditional Middle Eastern and North African protective symbol. Use it as decoratively or as an incense holder.

Cotton Throw - $240

The final handmade piece we've brought in by Artisan Project is this loose-weave cotton throw. Made on a handloom in Fes of 100% cotton, these throws function as blankets, towels, and lightweight shawls and measure approximately 68.5" long by 59" wide. 

- - - 

Moroccan line is available exclusively in-store, with the exception of our Moroccan Cotton Throws, Moroccan Fringe Throws and Atlas Textiles, which are also available online via special request. To request these pieces, please contact us at 

Like all of our products, we at Cambie believe all makers deserve fair treatment in the workplace and sustainable wages and always ensure our textiles are produced and sourced ethically. 

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