Still surrounded by half opened boxes, the lack of storage space in this apartment has been duly noted. With an abundance of books (and more specifically, magazines), I have sorted and donated the ones I can live with out but still have a stack staring right back at me. I decided to separate some of my favourites and showcase my mini library, using some Newfoundland finds as props. (Some of you may have spotted the latest issue of Uppercase magazine on the acrylic chair. I highly suggest picking it up and flipping through, specifically to the textiles profile on artist Lizz Aston. Uppercase is an independent Canadian magazine focusing on craft and Lizz is an exceptional artist based here out of Toronto. I am extremely proud to say that this article was written by my good friend, M.F. Miller.  Make sure to also flip to her profile picture - she looks darn cute!)

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Im glad you enjoyed the article!
I am really excited about it as well myself! Maria and Natasha did a wonderful job!
Just thought I’d let ya know, my website is currently down and under construction for now, but I do have a blog that I update periodically if you wanted to check it out. its


Lizz Aston May 24, 2014

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