Big Changes

First of all, I wanted to apologize for the lack of posting over the past several weeks. The month of February went by in a blink of an eye and I have to admit that the next little while will be more of the same. It's going to be quiet around here but I assure you, it will be well worth it. You are going to see some big changes to the site and I am incredibly thrilled. In the spirit of change, I thought I would share some chairs that experienced a change of scenery and a bit of a face lift. I found these chairs on their way out of a primary school in Newfoundland last summer. While they didn't all make it back with me, I made sure to snatch a couple. After 4000+ km and a good cleaning, they have found a home here in Toronto. The aqua blue is bright and cheerful and may be one of my favourite colours. Another change to note in these photos are my new (and first!) pair of totally awesome reading glasses. A lot has gone on in 2012! I appreciate all of the patience and promise exciting new posts will come again very soon. The next time you hear from me, will be on a fresh, inspiring and beautiful new website. Can't wait!

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