DIY Industrial Coffee Table

Late last year, I teamed up with Audio Blood Media and Instinct Entertainment to give their freshly acquired shared office space a bit of a face lift. Both companies are heavily involved in the music industry here in Toronto and as a result, have a constant flow of traffic coming in and out of their office on a daily basis. Aside from a welcoming lobby, it was important to both clients to have a general hang out area for friends, interns, clients, visitors and co-workers to work at or a place to kick up their feet. I envisioned a space similar to the den or basement of the friend we all had in high school who had the raddest dad with the BEST record collection. One particularly warm and sunny winter afternoon, we went hunting for furniture that could fill such a space. We had a very lucky day and snagged a bunch of great finds including the piece of wood shown below. With the idea of using it as a coffee table top, I had DIY project in front of me that I made sure to have a lot of fun with. I went through many pieces of sandpaper of various grits to get a texture that I was happy with. I smoothed out the top while making sure the wood still looked raw and rustic. I applied a couple of coats of Minwax Stain in Puritan Pine 218 and to seal in the bark along the edges, used several coats of Varathane to cover the entire piece of wood, ensuring the perfect finish. I had a custom steel base made locally at one of my favourite furniture shops in the city, GUFF. I was able to design the base to the exact measurements that I required and voilà! A custom made coffee table by yours truly that no other office in Toronto has.

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