A Year Ago

A year ago, I was collecting these bottles. A year ago, I found that bentwood chair in a tiny antique shop in St. John's. A year ago tomorrow, I created Cambie Design's website and started this blog. Take a look at my very first post right here. Every time I read it, it takes me back to that exact day filled with overwhelming feelings of uncertainty and excitement. I have been very reflective as of late and cannot believe everything that Cambie has accomplished over this past year. I feel awfully proud and owe a big thanks to all of you! I have received nothing but positive support and acclamation which keeps me motivated to no extent. I keep my memories of Newfoundland close to me (both figuratively and literally) and cannot imagine how Cambie would be like today if it wasn't for that experience. Tomorrow marks our one year anniversary and we couldn't be happier! Let's celebrate!

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