DIY Salvaged Art

Do you often find yourself storing materials for prospective projects? Well, that happens around here all the time. I've been storing a 2 1/2' by 3 1/2' piece of plywood that was once a crate used to package a glass side table. Having it for much longer than I would like to admit, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to make something out of it. Originally inspired by a favourite childhood art tool of mine, the spirograph, I chose to display some words that always inspire me. Keeping my materials to a minimum, I started out with some stain, a hammer, finishing nails, string and alphabet letter stencils. I positioned the stencils where I wanted to display the words and outlined each letter by hammering in the finishing nails. I then went around and wrapped each letter with string in one of my favourite colours. Although slightly time consuming and very detail focused, the result was well worth it! Even though I am typically not the biggest fan of displaying quotes in decor, this particular one by Frank Lloyd Wright is one that I haven't ever been able to shake. Many of the materials used are items you may already have lying around your house. And I have to say, I'm quite proud of the finished product. To get an even stronger spirograph effect, you can fill in the letters by tying more string and layering different colours across the various nails. A unique and interesting way to display words that remind me of a time where I was in constant awe of my surroundings.  

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