A Herman Miller Office

A few months ago, Cambie Design was invited to visit the Herman Miller showroom in Toronto. We received an exceptionally warm reception, a private tour of the showroom and even left with a bag of goodies and product information. Now, several months later and in our own (and first!) office space, we are flipping through the literature, sprucing up on our mid century classics and day dreaming about the ideal studio (check out the product story behind the Eames Chaise!). Looking back through our photos of that special day, we've decided to share some of our favourite showroom floor displays.

Left: Goetz Sofa | Right: Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Left: Nelson Swag Leg Chair | Right: Eames Executive Chair

Eames Aluminum  Management Chair | Eames Dining Table | Eames Molded Plywood Chair Light Installation

Swoop Plywood Lounge Chair & Plywood Ottoman | Teneo Wall Unit

Clockwise from Top: Nelson Miniature Chest Model 5515 | Eames Sofa | Eames Elliptical Table | Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Although our office bares only one Eames molded plastic chair with a stacking base from the 1950's (stamped with approval!), it will take some time before we can fill our space with the  Herman Miller furniture of our dreams.  Some of the literature we received includes vintage advertisements, one in particular from 1952 exclaiming the Eames molded plywood chair as "America's most famous modern chair can now be yours for only $25"- imagine! Herman Miller's belief in prioritizing the person and function before the design of a product is a notion that sure can't be fooled with.

"We believe furniture becomes classic when it demonstrates a lasting appeal, an original personality and a simple, innovative beauty and function. Classics are living proof that good things endure; they have a way if evoking a particular time and making time irrelevant."

Herman Miller

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