Inspiration Wall

On a recent trip to the Salvation Army, I came across a beautiful painting of flowers (pictured in the top left corner) in a perfectly intact frame. The deep reds and burnt oranges caught my eye and when I discovered the price ($6.99!!), I knew I couldn't pass it by. The painting is unsigned and I wish I could let the artist know how much it brightens up my day in its new home. It has inspired me to create a feature wall with some of my favourite items - photographs, mail and great prints (including Cambie's own by one of our faves). I often find myself stashing items that I love and having collected a box filled with inspirations, find it refreshing to pull a few out and display pieces that compliment one another. The best part of an inspiration wall is that you can always keep it changing by swapping out items as you fall in love with new ones. This wall is certainly keeping my crafting nook bright and fresh as I wait out the end of what feels like a long winter!

- Camille

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