We're Two & A Big Announcement

Two years ago, I was faced with a big decision. I had spent many years debating, hesitating but always dreaming about discovering my passions and career. Two years ago, I gave it a shot to take that first leap and boy, was it the best decision I’ve ever made! I decided to publish my website as Cambie Design and blog about my summer on the east coast. That was just the beginning. I have spent the last two years dedicated to finding my way, learning about myself and the people around me, often faced with the question, “So what is it exactly that you do?” That terrifying question we all face, “What am I doing? What DO I want to do with my life?” If you had asked me that question as a young girl, I would have answered, “I want to own a furniture store filled with interesting pieces, surrounded by my family and the people I love and of course, many dogs!” Two years later, I can proudly tell you that I am living that childhood dream - Cambie Design is opening a store!!! I will continue to share products that are made in Peru that I long for and love. I hope to surround you with the people I care about, the designers I have met and follow and the amazing products that they make. (The dog part will hopefully follow suit, and pups will always be welcomed.) My intention is to expose you to design, craftsmanship, sustainability and most importantly, beautiful products for your home. Cambie Design’s focus of offering design services will now shift, giving my full attention to my new store, Cambie. I will continue to consult in pulling together your space by offering products that will help you to do so. In my mind, interior services and products go hand in hand, making this a natural progression of my business. What has inspired me the most over the last two years has been the amount of support I have received with Cambie Design. The community that has grown around me in Toronto has been unbelievable and I am continuously taken back by the generosity and sincerity of the people I meet. My friends, my peers and complete strangers who have offered to help, I feel as though I am building a Cambie family and am so appreciative.  Thank you for your loyalty and genuine care. I thought I’d share some photographs taken last week by the beautiful Courtney Lee Photography of Cambie's second anniversary party. I hosted a small gathering with some of Cambie’s biggest fans and celebrated by surprising them in an empty, new venue, what will soon be my store. Located at 1535A Queen Street West, in the heart of Parkdale (further details and updates will shortly follow). “Surrounded by people I love” – I’ve got that nailed and the rest will follow. Truly, I am grateful and couldn't be happier. - Camille

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