Colourful Hexagon Window Display

In anticipation of the new and colourful product arriving from Peru, we decided to amp up our curb appeal and really go all out with our window display. We've teamed up with the incredibly talented Kalpna Patel and sought inspiration from the basic hexagon shape. Below are a couple of snapshots from Kalpna's genius Instagram feed of her progress with the honeycombed installations. The new rugs, blankets and baskets that have started (eeek!!) to arrive from Peru are coming in a wide array of bright colours, just in time for the dark days of winter. Paired up with white hexagon display units, we're in complete awe of our new window display. And it looks like some of you have been too! This window display is short and sweet, as our holiday window is going up shortly. Make sure to sneak in a visit while you still can!!!

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