A Q&A With Cambie

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a note on social media inviting our followers to ask us any questions they may have about our brand for a blog feature, a Q&A with Cambie! Below, we have shared some of the questions that were asked and here are our replies:

"Where does the Cambie name come from?" @katiamontesano

The Cambie name is a play on my own name, Camille Byrne. We often have people asking if it's a nod to the famous Cambie Street in Vancouver, BC, though it is just a happy coincidence. 

"Love your rugs! How do you decide which to choose for the store?" @lucyskitchento

We have a great relationship and work closely with the makers of our blankets, who also source our rugs. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we are able to receive photos of rugs from the artisan markets of Peru, and select ones for the shop. A few things we always consider when choosing our rugs are whether it will suit our shop, if it is something we'd purchase for ourselves, and of course if it is something our customers have been requesting! We receive a lot of inquiries about neutral-toned rugs (which are fairly hard to come by in Peru!) and have managed to secure a small selection to arrive with our next shipment. 

"Do you think you'll release a new blanket pattern in the future?" @ideacollector

Absolutely! We currently carry blankets featuring three patterns, all traditional and native to Peru, though we have definitely been playing around with new pattern and colour ideas for upcoming collections. 

"Would you make the blankets in a smaller size? I think it would make a great gift for my friend's baby shower." @ajhudson1

Yes! We can't share many details just yet, but we are currently in the designing phase. We want to be sure what we release has the right size, feel, and look, so we are being careful not to rush as we want these blankets to be as thoughtfully designed and produced as our classic Cambie blankets. We'll share more details as we move further along with this project!

Thank you to everyone who participated and asked questions! We encourage you to connect with us at anytime if you are curious about our brand and company.

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Baby blankets! YESSSS!!

Katie March 29, 2016

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