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We are very excited for this month's Q&A, featuring our dear friend Julie Clark, the creator and founder of Province Apothecary, and the two bright and inspiring spaces where she brings her visions to life! In addition to her undeniably driven and kind spirit, we are drawn to Julie's products and belief that every product carrying the Province Apothecary label should be thoughtfully crafted and of the utmost quality—a concept we share belief in for our own Cambie brand products and the reason we proudly carry Province Apothecary. Without further ado, we are proud to introduce Julie, her wonderful staff, and breathtaking spaces. 

What is your name?
Julie Clark

What is your shop/business and where can it be found?
Province Apothecary and it is located in Kensington Market in Toronto: 16 Kensington Ave, 2nd floor.

At what point did you know you wanted to start this venture?
I've always wanted to have my own small business. A month into Aromatherapy school I knew I wanted to work in this field.

What influences your business from day-to-day?
Everything :) I love getting inspired by all the talented people I know and our amazing clients that come facials. I am also constantly reading, researching and experimenting with new techniques and raw ingredients.

How would you describe the type of person that passes through these doors each day?
Amazing and inspiring! We love our clients so much and feel so lucky to have such an awesome clientele! 

Where do you turn for inspiration?
Our friends and clients. People are constantly telling me about what they want in a product, its wonderful. I am constantly expanding my knowledge on plants and their healing capabilities.

What do you love about your neighbourhood?
I love Kensington Market because it's a community that really supports the businesses within. It is also my favourite place to eat out and buy food. There are so many amazing small stores and grocers that have the most amazing selection for ingredients, you can truly find everything in Kensington.

How is your time spent while away from it?
Hanging out with friends, cooking with my husband, exploring the city's parks, reading or sewing.

If you come in for one for a relaxing facial, you may be lucky enough to receive one from Cassandra Bradshaw, one of Province Apothecary's holistic aestheticians. A former make-up artist, Cassandra prefers a bare face and recommends gentle skincare and  the use of natural, organic raw materials as opposed to synthetic, chemical-laden products.

We also travelled out to the High Park neighbourhood to see Julie's beautiful production studio and witnessed first-hand exactly what goes into the making of Province Apothecary products. The space was large and bright and the aroma in the air was as fresh and energizing. 

What is one detail of your spaces that you appreciate the most?
The natural light that comes into both - the large window in the production studio and the daylight in the treatment rooms in Kensington. It's great to focus on our clients' health and our plants love it too!

What is your favourite thing about your job?
Going to work every day :) I love helping people figure out their skin!

Any advice for someone just starting out?
Be patient. Growth takes time and nothing happens over night. 

Thank you for your time Julie! For more information on Province Apothecary and Julie's services, please visit and follow @provinceapothecary on Instagram for a regular dose of inspiration and product updates. Do you have a question for Julie? Leave it in the comment section below! 

Cleansing bundles of Province Apothecary Blue Sage are available in-store and on our online shop

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