A Love Letter to the CAMBIE Blanket

Today I am writing a love letter to the CAMBIE blanket. When I first started producing this blanket, 10 years ago, I never imagined that it would come to touch so many people’s lives, all over the world. This simple object has made such a beautiful ripple effect, and for me it has grown to represent far more than just a product that we offer. The CAMBIE blanket symbolizes comfort, warmth, and even security in moments of need. It is a hug when no one else is around, and can be a thoughtful gesture sent to let someone know you are thinking of them. During this pandemic, I have been awed and grateful that this blanket has come to mind for so many people, to share their love with those they are separated from. I am filled with such joy when I reflect on what the CAMBIE blanket has transformed into over the years.

Since 2020, we have gone through multiple rounds of lockdowns here in Toronto throughout the many waves of the pandemic. During these times when the city has become quiet and unrecognizable, I have been given many moments to reflect on what is considered ‘essential’ in our lives. Before this experience, I would have never placed any of the items we carry at CAMBIE in the category of being essential. Yet the more I have pondered this over the past few years, the more I come to think that perhaps I am incorrect.A blanket is a household item in the most basic of terms, particularly in a country like Canada where we experience cold weather throughout much of the year. Blankets are present when we assemble emergency packs for our cars, when we go camping, or when somebody is in the hospital. A blanket is an essential item that we need on a physical level, to keep us warm during hard times. Yet I have also concluded that the CAMBIE blanket specifically has become an essential item on an emotional level, especially as it has kept you connected to one another over the past two years. During an experience like this, it is beautiful to see how you have reached out to one another and in the process, transformed our blankets into a gesture of love, comfort and most importantly, connection.

The CAMBIE blankets are also essential to me in another way, since they have been my livelihood over the last two years. During a time that quite suddenly felt isolating, it gave me such joy and purpose to connect you to one another by wrapping and delivering blankets to you and your loved ones. I have been so honoured to handwrite your custom notes and specially wrap your gifts with your loved ones in mind, and to see the CAMBIE blanket facilitate connection between a whole community of people while providing warmth and comfort during both the difficult and celebratory moments of life.

I’ve noticed that the CAMBIE blanket is often gifted during life’s special moments, such as the arrival of a new baby, a housewarming, the celebration of a marriage, a retirement or a birthday. I’d love to share a few examples of my favourite gift notes written by our customers when giving CAMBIE blankets:

“I hope this cozies up your cabin and sees you through many good books and well earned naps.”

“Please wrap this blanket around your shoulders and let it hold the place of our arms, which we all so desperately wish we could wrap around you right now. We love you and we are here for you.”

“I was gifted one of these blankets a few years ago and it has had a special spot in our home since. A little something from us to mark this special day.”

“Hope this helps you take it easy and cozy up over the next few weeks as you recover and heal. We love you.”

On another level, I am also very grateful that the CAMBIE blankets have kept me connected to Peru during a time when it became challenging to travel and see my family there. Selecting colours and creating collections has allowed me to sit with my memories and draw inspiration from a country that is so close to my heart. My love for Peru is translated through my love for these blankets and I am so honoured to be able to share a piece of that with you. 
For these and so many more reasons, we love the CAMBIE blanket. It has been a joy and an honour to see it make a difference in your homes and lives, especially during challenging times. Thank you for sharing this love and as always, for your continued support.

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