Behind The Scenes: Creating Our Late Winter Collection

Lauren Kolyn Cambie WinterLauren Kolyn Cambie Winter

We have experienced a particularly long winter this year living through unusual circumstances and during a challenging time, being asked to spend all of our time indoors, at home. I have found myself looking at my home with new eyes during this reality, noticing what no longer serves me or my lifestyle and in particular, what I find impractical or unnecessary. Yet even more importantly, I have felt really captivated by what brings me joy and warms my heart. I have noticed the items in my home that tell a story and spark a memory, allowing me to get lost in thought and recalling the past.

I have truly recognized the power of colour and how it brightens my mood. The personal experience I have when I place the red tulips I picked up while checking out at the grocery store into a navy blue vase, the contrast of colours and how happy it makes me as I walk into the room.

Whether you find it to be bright colours or soft neutrals, filling your home with objects that make you feel is entirely an individual journey and I hope to assist you in this discovery.

Lauren Kolyn Cambie Winter

Lauren Kolyn Cambie Winter


Every single item in this collection is an item that has spoken to me personally, whether it be the vintage items that were thrifted because they are interesting and beautiful to look at or interact with, the scent of the candle that takes me back to memories of breathing in fresh air in open fields in the summertime, or the warmth of a comforting blanket offering relief after a challenging day.

I truly hope this late winter collection offers you comfort and inspiration during these difficult times.

Lauren Kolyn Cambie WinterLauren Kolyn Cambie WinterLauren Kolyn Cambie Winter

Photography by Lauren Kolyn

The photography for this campaign was shot and created in collaboration with Lauren Kolyn. Taking on yet another 'first time' experience during this quarantine, Lauren and I worked together remotely communicating and styling through visuals and videos. Lauren shot these images in her beautiful home and I couldn't be more thrilled with the final result, perfectly capturing the feeling I envisioned.

Behind The Scenes

CAMBIE Behind The Scenes

The Art of Blanket Styling: a still from a video demonstrating the various ways to 'naturally' style a blanket.

CAMBIE Behind The Scenes

Joni the Shop Dog: our no. 1 assistant, requesting involvement in every step of this campaign's execution. Case in point, the video still above :)

Hazelnut & White CAMBIE Blanket

Testing the coziness of the Hazelnut & White Blanket, the feature item and inspiration behind the collection's colour direction.



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