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Design Love Fest dining room

A dining room may seem like an unconventional place for bright colours and bold patterns to many, but we definitely have to disagree. And who better to lend some inspiration than the queen of colour herself, Bri Emery of Design Love Fest. In our latest instalment of Bring it Home, we're sharing a few of our own tips and tricks based on the designer's fun and clever dining area, featured on her website.

Cambie Design Bring It Home blog with rugs

Pendant Light - We love Bri's geometric pendant light by Brendan Ravenhill. Alternatively, the Trinity Pendant Light from CB2 is a great option for anyone who might prefer a lighter look. 

Art Print - Max Wagner's "Tulum" is one of our favourites and its colours compliment this space perfectly. We think introducing an extra pop of colour, like the pink hues found in his "New York" print, offers a little something extra. 

Ikea Candle Holders - Since Peruvian textiles are so unique and often one-of-a-kind, finding small decor accessories in just the right colour to compliment or accent a rug might be challenging. We recommend starting with an interesting piece and DIY-ing it! A fresh coat of paint on these candle holders from Ikea could resemble the interesting one displayed on Bri's dining table and for a fraction of the price. 

Teak Oval Table and Dining Chairs – A simple table and chairs will keep a dining room from looking too fussy and also keep the focus on your decor. We think this set from Guff is perfect! Aside from their consistently beautiful inventory, we love the option of mixing-and-matching their tables and chair sets.

Patterned Rugs - Handwoven rugs offer not only a serious punch of colour and design, but major versatility. Due to the nature of how they're made, larger versions of these rugs are typically square in shape and 5'x5' to 6'x6' in size. Since dining sets are usually larger than these dimensions, we think layering rugs is not only the perfect solution for covering just the right amount of floor space, but there are additional benefits of creating an interesting design by mixing and matching the colours and patterns of complimentary rugs, as well as relocating the rugs in other rooms if you decide to switch up your design! 

Which rooms would you love to add a pop of colour to? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share how you use your Cambie textiles in your home using #mycambie on Instagram!

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