How To Select And Style Our Peruvian Rugs

Our beautiful Peruvian rugs are all handmade in the Andes Mountains of Peru, using traditional weaving techniques and closely available resources. These one-of-a-kind textiles are full of character, carefully selected by Camille and specially curated for CAMBIE.

Cambie Rug Peruvian TextileCambie Rug Peruvian Textile

When browsing our Peruvian rugs, we encourage you to pay close attention to the colours and patterns that you gravitate towards. Imagine how they might look in your home, what other fabrics or colours are surrounding and how will it best compliment the other pieces in that space. It is best to come to the store prepared with measurements, as each unique rug varies slightly in size compared to the others.

Cambie Rug Peruvian TextileOur runner rugs offer great functionality because of their smaller size and work wonderfully in a narrow hallway or kitchen. Don't be afraid to have some fun with the placement and symmetry as it can beautifully anchor an inviting nook or awkward space, as shown here on an angle.

Cambie Rug Peruvian Textile

Our rugs also double as textiles that can be used in a variety of ways, you can lay a runner across the end of the bed or placed along the back of a sofa.

Cambie Rug Peruvian Textile If you have any reservations about the size, we encourage you to think outside of the box and consider layering! You can place a larger rug first to cover the size and layer a smaller rug on top to draw the eye in.

Cambie Rug Peruvian Textile

A welcoming step to start your day, bedside rugs make every morning that much brighter! Celebrate the everyday with a little bit of colour.

Cambie Rug Peruvian Textile

We strongly believe in the power of colour and the joy it can bring into your home, and encourage you to come by the store and consider a cheerful rug for your space!

Cambie Rug Peruvian Textile

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