Shop Visit: Esther Lee of @thiswildheart

We recently had the pleasure of having Esther Lee from the Toronto-based blog This Wild Heart visit our shop in Parkdale. We met Esther last year while selling at a local market alongside fellow vendor Rugged Lot, who specializes in hand-crafted leather goods made by her husband, Roy Lee. We're big fans of Esther's Instagram account, which showcases her beautiful photographs of captured moments around the city, so we thought to ask her a few questions about her aesthetic, inspirations and favourite spots in Toronto:

What is your design motto?

Simplicity is key.

All my design influences come from the idea that less is more. We're moving into a small home soon and I know this is going to help us make the most of our space and not live on top of one another! 

Where/whom do you look to for inspiration?

Everything inspires me. I find myself constantly people watching, finding inspiration in peoples' outfits and style, in architecture and what surrounds me and from what I find through social media/ Pinterest of course!

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I would say my design aesthetic is fresh, simple and minimalistic. I'm not a huge fan of colour but if they're muted and put together just right, they can be the perfect amount of colour I need! I adore things that have multifunctional purposes. For instance, I find myself using a lot of glassware cups as vases as well.

What is your favourite hidden gem in the city?

This is a tough question! I love my local coffee shop spaces like Early Bird Espresso and Sorry Coffee Co, but my favourite place to go for some inspiration is Allan Gardens. It's a free public space and no matter how many times I visit, it never ceases to take my breath away. It's my go-to place for inspiration and all things pretty!

What is your ideal way to spend a day off?

Grab some coffee, maybe even brunch, people watch for hours, visit Allan Gardens, and finish it off with a picnic in the park with the hubby for dinner just before sunset.

What inspired your Slow Living content section?

I found myself feeling inspired by local people who I've been fortunate to meet at events or gatherings. Each contributor has their own special talent or hobby or small local business. They inspired me to showcase what they have to offer as much or as little as they'd like to share. Thus, Slow living is a reminder to go back to remind us to appreciate the little things and gratitude for being surrounded by so many talented people who we are fortunate enough to learn from and be inspired by.

Thank you Esther for taking the time to answer our questions! We're thrilled to announce that we've teamed up to offer both our followers and Esther's a chance to win a Cambie blanket! For details on this exclusive giveaway and Esther's blog post about Cambie, please visit This Wild Heart.

(Photos 2, 3, 4 + 5 taken by Esther Lee courtesy of This Wild Heart and Photos 1 + 6 of Esther at Cambie, snapped by us)


These are beautiful and I’m in love with blanket scarves!! Would love to add one to my collection ☺️

Steph c March 06, 2016

Beautiful beautiful blankets :)

Gabriela March 06, 2016

Such lovely colors!

Sayoko Shuttlesworth March 06, 2016

Simply lovely. Your style is inspiring!

Lauren L. March 06, 2016

I’ve followed Esther’s Instagram for quite a while so this is just the loveliest to read. ?

Jackie Saik March 06, 2016

A blanket from Cambie Design would make a lovely early birthday present… hint, hint! ❤️

Charise March 06, 2016

These are so beautiful!!

Mary Johnson March 06, 2016

Obsessed with the cambie blankets!

Michaela March 06, 2016

This is the loveliest store!!

Candice K March 06, 2016

Such a great read!

Natalie williams March 05, 2016

I’m really liking the simple and effortless approach a lot of local designers and shops are going for. Slow living is definitely a lifestyle worth going back to.

Hannah March 05, 2016

Love your blankets. Hope to visit your shop one day!

Christine March 04, 2016

These are the most beautiful blankets. So pretty and comfortable. I would love one for my home.

loucheryl March 04, 2016

Such lovely and kind words! Love the relationship we are building :) thank you!

Esther Lee March 04, 2016

Love all the photos and your blankets as well :)

Laura March 04, 2016

Love Allan gardens as well!

Amanda March 04, 2016

Adore everything you have.

Lydia March 04, 2016

I found your store a little while ago and I love this collaboration. I adore your stock and Esther’s style.

Barb Simkova March 04, 2016

So gorgeous <3

Emily March 04, 2016

I just love her design aesthetic! Gorgeous blankets.

Heather March 04, 2016

Great post! I always love reading about posts like these, learning about peoples’ favorite places in the city. I love Esther’s instagram page, so beautiful. And I love the Cambie blankets – they make for amazing gifts! I’ve given the blankets as gifts to my relatives overseas and I am always so proud to tell them that its a Canadian brand! :) I think I need to get one for myself!

Natalie Cheng March 04, 2016

Great feature post! Early Bird Coffee is one of my favourites, too.

Clara March 04, 2016

So much inspiration!

Amica March 04, 2016

Bot such beautiful makers. I have dreamt of adding a cambie blanket to my cozy life. xx

Katie March 04, 2016

I’ve lived in Toronto for 3 years and still haven’t visited Allan Gardens. I should probably fix that soon. (I have visited nearly every coffee shop though, so there’s that.) Thanks for having this giveaway! ;)

Andrea Z. March 04, 2016

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